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Othman Tmoulik Back Story

“Watch the webinar that had me HOOKED!”

Dane bettridge

Let him tell you a quick story about the time Othman got evicted, the time he got his car taken away and the day he got into a terrible car accident that caused him nerve damage.

At the time he was trying to figure out online marketing.

Othman was struggling with traffic, that was his biggest obstacle – getting hot customers to his offers.

And he was getting more and more frustrated and behind his bills.

Then the bottom fell out from under him when an officer came banging on his door at 7AM, waking him up, telling him he had to leave the premises immediately.

Which meant he couldn’t even provide for his newly wedded wife the basic need of shelter, let alone food and clothing.

As you can imagine, he was in bad shape and desperate, but he wasn’t ready to give up on his dream of becoming financially free and using the Internet to make a fortune.

Then Othman discovered the unspoken method of influencer marketing.

At that point, everything changed!

he finally figured out how to:

  • Get other people to send him all the buyer leads he wanted
  • Drive ridiculous amounts of people to take action and got them to click “BUY” on his websites
  • Build up huge subscriber lists of steaming hot customers that are always waiting for his emails, waving their credit cards at him

Because he discovered the unspoken method of influencer marketing, he was able to:

  • Network with the biggest influeners his many industries and become friends with them, Neil Patel, Rolly (biggest body builder in the world), Max the Body, Brian Smith (founder of UGG boots), Haroon Qureshi, Haroon Rashid, John Rood, Fred Frenchy (Mike Tyson’s Business partner). All these just to name a few.
  • He was able to provide a wonderful life for his new wife, and they are now literally living off of backpacks, travelling the world indefinitely.
  • And most importantly, he was finally able to be completely break free of ever having a boss, and is now living the true digital nomad life.

Now he’s living his dream of becoming financially free and using the Internet to leverage the life of his dreams and he never has to worry about getting evicted or getting his car taken away from him ever again.

And that’s why he’s so passionate about the “Influencer Marketing Course” so you can experience becoming financially free and using the Internet to leverage the life of your dreams too!


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