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I really appreciate you being here. I’m excited to have you here and as a thank you, I’m going to keep this page here – Free Stuff – up-to-date with whatever I can find for you guys – Free course, PDF Downloads, Etc. Stuff I truly recommend, mostly because I have been through it myself.


I’ll always try to keep this up to date, so you can count on dropping by and finding some value!


I wanted to thank you personally for being here, so go ahead and check out what I have below.




Dane J. Bettridge

Free Affiliate SEO Course


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Free 5 Day YouTube Video Ad Challenge

Ever wanted to learn YouTube video ads? My friend Jelani is going to teach you what you need to know.

For a limited time, he’s given me permission to offer his 5 Day Video Ads Challenge to my audience, for FREE.

I personally recommend this course, regardless of the price.

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